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F-Secure Protection Service for Business
Secure Your Business Wherever It Takes You

Protection Service

Two packages to suit your needs:

Protection Service for Business - Standard

Now with Connection Control, Web Content Control and Advanced Protection, Business Suite offers more control over security and productivity. It provides all the best in F-Secure privacy, security and management in one seamless package.

Protection Service for Business - Premium

Comes with Software Updater that offers an additional layer of protection by keeping your operating system and 3rd party applications up to date and patched from vulnerabilities.


Protection Service for Business is a service that solves challenging security and management needs, without significant maintenance or management. It's designed to secure a large variety of endpoints, both at the office and on the go.

It's a solution that provides outstanding security for all devices, including Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android smartphones and a large variety of server platforms.

  • Device & Server Security
  • Patch Management
  • Mobile Security

Best value for your business

Protection Service for Business is the only unified endpoint security solution on the market that delivers centrally managed computer, mobile and server security along with integrated patch and mobile device management.

  • With one hosted solution covering all of your endpoints, there's no need to maintain multiple security products or extra hardware
  • Includes tools like Patch Management and MDM that enable you to do more with your security budget
  • Thanks to remote deployment, automatic removal of old anti-virus software and no hardware set up, AV-Comparatives found our endpoint installation "no more complicated than installing iTunes"
  • You get world-leading security through pioneering technologies, like real-time threat intelligence provided via the F-Secure Security Cloud
  • With monthly licensing, you can choose to pay according to your monthly usage. Yearly licensing is also an option
  • Save management and maintenance time with a unified management console, automatic patch management and product and database updates.

So how does it work?

There are four components to Protection Service for Business: a cloud-based Management Portal and endpoint security clients for Computers, Mobiles and Servers.

PSB Management

Management Portal

Protection Service for Business makes it easy to deploy, manage and monitor the security of your end-points from a single, intuitive console. It gives you excellent visibility into all of your devices—whether at the office or on the go.

  • One portal for deployment, management and monitoring
  • Integrated mobile fleet management
  • Automatic patch management
  • No extra hardware required
PSB Computers


In today's security landscape, it is vital to ensure protection that goes well beyond traditional anti-malware. With Protection Service for Business it's simple to deliver powerful, resource-light security for Windows and Mac computers, together with crucial patch management.

  • Award-winning security for Mac & Windows
  • AV-TEST Best Protection, 2010-2014
  • Advanced Behavior & Heuristic Analysis
  • Fully integrated patch management
PSB Mobiles


Maintaining control over mobile devices is a critical aspect of modern cyber security. With Protection Service for Business, you can secure and manage all iOS & Android mobiles with mobile device management and VPN - without limiting your employees.

  • Next generation mobile security for iOS and Android devices
  • WiFi security (VPN)
  • Proactive App and web protection
  • Mobile fleet management with anti-theft
PSB Servers


Servers are mission-critical to a company's communication, collaboration and data storage. Protection Service for Business provides the utmost security for your servers, while enabling them to run at peak performance.

  • Multi-platform server security
  • Advanced Behavior & Heuristic Analysis
  • Fully integrated Patch Management
  • Additional SharePoint & Exchange components


Key Features

  • Protection for PCs (desktops, laptops, and Macs), file servers (Windows and Linux), email servers (Microsoft Exchange), and mobile devices (phones and tablets).
  • Virus and spyware protection, spam control, intrusion prevention, application control, firewall and browsing protection
  • Software Updater for automatic patch management for the operating system and 3rd party software

A whole lot more than just anti-virus

In the modern security landscape, you need more than traditional anti-malware. We provide you with pioneering technologies like Heuristic Analysis, Machine Learning, and Real-Time Threat Intelligence via the F-Secure Security Cloud—ensuring that you're at the forefront of security.

Security Cloud
Real-time thread intelligence

We go far beyond traditional anti-malware. To start with, we have some of the best security experts in the world. We use their knowledge to create automated systems and artificial intelligence that leverage heuristic, behavioral and other technologies, provisioned via the Security Cloud—enabling us to protect our customers all around the globe against new threats within minutes of the first detection.

Best Protection
Award-winning protection

F-Secure solutions consistently receive top honors in independent security evaluations. That includes winning AV-TEST's Best Protection Award—for the past four years running. The way we see it, winning one year could be luck. Winning two years is a good sign. Winning four years in a row proves category dominance.

Patch Management
Prevent up to 80% of threats

With timely security updates for more than 2500 windows and third party applications, Protection Service for Business delivers comprehensive patch management, saving you time and protecting you against 80% of known malware.

Layered Security
One static layer is not enough

Protection Service for Business takes a multi-layered approach to security, leveraging pioneering technologies like Heuristic Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Each independent layer guards against a particular aspect of the threat landscape. For attackers, bypassing a single static layer of defense is easy. Getting through several complementary technologies—ones that not only cover each other' gaps, but also enhance total protective capability — is many magnitudes more difficult.

Great Performance
Designed to work together, faster

Our security products are designed to work together as a comprehensive solution, eliminating the conflicts that commonly arise when you combine products from different vendors. And since consistently ranks F-Secure performance better than the industry average, you get superior performance with a smaller footprint.


Get More. Do Less.

Consolidating endpoint security and vital tools like patch management into one solution enables you to do get more for your security budget and do less: there’s no need to procure, set up or maintain multiple products to get what you need.

Switching is painless

You don’t need to buy or set up server hardware, and with remote deployment and automatic removal of old anti-virus software, installation couldn’t be simpler. AV- Comparatives found our endpoint installation “no more complicated than installing iTunes.”

Less maintenance

With a clean, task-oriented management console, all tasks from deployment to monitoring are fast and easy to perform. With automated 3rd party security patches, automatic client updates and real-time threat intelligence, you can spend less time with security maintenance.


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