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F-Secure Countercept wins seven-figure deal with UK-based enterprise

Helsinki, Finland – April 6, 2020: F-Secure Countercept, an award-winning managed detection and response (MDR) service from cyber security provider F-Secure, has earned a multi-year contract from another UK-based enterprise. The deal continues F-Secure Countercept’s successful record of attracting interest from organizations that recognize the importance of preparing themselves for advanced attacks.

“F-Secure’s specialized cyber security expertise makes us the ideal security partner for many organizations. And our managed detection and response service is the perfect way to deliver these capabilities to organizations that need a team of professionals ready to counter highly-skilled threat actors 24/7,” says F-Secure Executive Vice President of Detection and Response Tim Orchard.

F-Secure Countercept, which won the Excellence Award in the Best Advanced Persistent Threat Protection category at last year’s SC Magazine Awards Europe,* is a fully-managed service that helps organizations hunt down threats and detect advanced attackers within minutes.

It provides threat intelligence, industry-leading detection rates, and advanced threat hunting capabilities, giving businesses sophisticated cyber defenses to combat modern targeted attacks as they unfold.

Threat hunting has become a particularly valuable resource to businesses threatened by highly-skilled threat actors. According to Orchard, the practice gives businesses the benefits of having their own offensive security research capabilities without the burden of building them on their own.

“The ‘Continuous Response’ mantra that sets what we do apart from many other security services places a lot of emphasis on people. But many organizations struggle to attract and retain security talent, which makes the research capabilities offered by our threat hunters so valuable to organizations,” explains Orchard.

“We’re thrilled to add another organization to the list of UK-based enterprises that recognize the value F-Secure Countercept’s world-class cyber defense capabilities have to offer,” he adds.